Robert Dilts et Eveline Bouillon

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« Développer ses talents et sa créativité » - Parution Hachette Septembre 2012

Le livre a été préfacé par Robert Dilts directeur de NLPU (Neuro linguistic programming University à Santa Cruz Californie) qui est l’un des coachs et formateurs de coachs les plus réputés dans le monde et auteur lui-même d’une trentaine d’ouvrages traduits dans plus de 6 langues.

Préface de Robert Dilts directeur de NLPU (Neuro Linguistic Programming University – Santa Cruz– California USA).

« It is a great pleasure to write this recommendation for Eveline Bouillon’s book on the important topic of how we can each develop our talents and creative ability to their fullest potential. Confidently expressing our creativity and talent is something that everyone wants and yet is difficult for many to attain. Using the modeling methods of NLP to discover the key inner processes of successful people, Eveline provides us with practical step-by-step methods to help up reevaluate, update and strengthen our beliefs, mental maps and behaviors to get the most out of our natural creativity and talent. Eveline sets out to redefine the principles of creativity and gives many tools to discover, enrich and share creativity; breaking free of stereotypes and rigid roles linked to beliefs about ourselves and creativity, and focusing instead on how we can better use our own inner resources to come up with innovative solutions and achieve our goals.

Key to Eveline’s message is that it is important to learn from our experiences, reflecting upon our mistakes as well as our successes. Eveline points out that it is necessary to accept our mistakes and failures as an opportunity to learn about ourselves, grow personally and release our full potential for creativity. She advises that the best way to find new solutions is to make peace with your past and build up new dreams based upon what you really want, instead of being trapped by rules and expectations coming from old « stories » and « mental maps of the world. »

The result of 20 years of « hands on » work with creativity in companies and coaching, Eveline draws from fascinating interviews with creative and inspiring individuals as well as her own extensive experience as a coach and counselor. Her book provides useful tools and recipes for changing behaviors, clarifying values and achieving the state of openness necessary to express our talent and creativity.

Eveline’s writing style is clear and entertaining, filled with lots of anecdotes, humor, clever stories and real world examples. Her creativity, intelligence and vibrant personality make this work an enjoyable, satisfying and practical road map for effectively navigating the path to living more creatively and in touch with your talents.

Robert Dilts, Santa Cruz, California, December, 2010